There's been a bit of fighting going on lately... first with Charlie, then with Karin. While fighting in itself isn't what I call a great deal of fun, I'm noticing quite a bit of satisfaction with it.


To dare to take a fight with someone you love takes trust. Trust that the one you fight will not run away and disappear. Trust that they can stand up and have their say while I have mine. And also, just as importantly, trust that I will not run away and disappear, that I can stand up and have my say while they have theirs!

I didn't really doubt trust, that's not it, but it gets manifested in a new way when it's there as a foundation while you fight.

Direction and clearing

While a fight isn't fun, it does bring on something good, a certain level of clarity over who you are and what you are about, and it may bring out things that wouldn't come out otherwise, and if there's is something more that need being discovered, this clarity also brings on a direction, something to go for.

I'm not afraid any more

... and that's a good thing.

Now, to lick what wounds there are, to discover the new ground that's been uncovered, and hopefully, to find new levels of love.

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