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Some days, I wonder if I have to live a poly life. What's forcing me? Of course, one could as well as if I have to live a mono life. What's forcing me?

After all, I don't really believe in "have to"...

As things are right now, I can say that I have to. I have a close relationship that I don't want to let go of. It's explicitely poly, and structured in such a way that there's ample space for at least one more relationship 1. There simply isn't space for a mono relationship.

However, should I speculate a bit, I can imagine myself in a situation when I'm single (really, have no close/romatic/sexual relationships at all), get head over heels in love and believe it could turn into a long relationship 2, and the question is what my choice will be. I'll talk about poly, of course... but would I be stiff-necked about it? What's worth more, to stick to a certain form no matter what ot to welcome love in my life regardless of form?

It's been a long while since I asked myself these questions, it's been a few years when poly was so much the obvious right choice that I really couldn't picture anything else. But today? I really can't say for sure... I know that I wish for it, but should it really be such a strong priority?

  1. Until recently, I believed that there was no speace in my heart for another close relationship, that my heart needed healing first. Today, I'm not entirely sure... my heart does need healing still, but it seems like there's still space, perhaps. Either way, this doesn't stop me from speculating about the future, however far that might be. ↩

  2. I think I've become a lot more picky; I believe that it'll take some encounters, some flirting, some talking, some exploration before I start believing in something greater. ↩

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