It's happening. Ties aren't as tight as they were, some are already about to evaporate. We're disconnecting on a level. I'm acting accordingly, I'm slowly cleaning up and cleaning out, taking away and cleaning an ash tray left on the balcony, picking up small things and placing them in that box, and it doesn't hurt any more, I'm not about to weep every time any more... I'm settling down into living alone, with just 3 cats, and I feel fine... occasionally lonely, but still fine.

Does this mean the feelings are gone? No. Does it mean the feelings weren't strong to start with? No.
All this means is that I've accepted the events, that I've accepted the new path my life has taken, that I've accepted the new path her life has taken as well and that it's not our shared path any more.
My feelings haven't really changed, not much. Attachment has, yes, but the basic feelings, not much. They've just taken a new form.
A page has turned, life goes on.

Oh, I'm sure that I'll still have some spouts of sorrow, but even the thought of that doesn't feel difficult.

Just like everyone else that's shared a path through life with me, you have a special place in my heart.

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