Inside myself, unknown to most, there's been a battle going on between terms and their possible meanings on one side and the reality of life, bonds and commitments on the other.

Meanwhile, the terms in question (I'll get to them later) are discussed, defined and redefined on a forum, and they just become wider and wider, or simply confusing and inapplicable as anything but general terms. Useless when going into the detail of actual cases, they lose their values and ground.

Inside myself, I'm redefining my view of things by looking at what I have in terms of bonds and commitments rather then looking too closely at the terms that are too general. Kind of looking at reality and drawing a map rather than taking a predefined map and trying to fit reality into it.

There's a lesson there. Don't try to make reality match the map, try to make the map match reality. Redraw the map as necessary.

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