Coming out as poly is easy... and difficult. It all depends on to who. Most if not all my friends know this. Some coworkers (basically those interested enough to talk about such things) do as well.

My parents are the big exception. I really don't know how much they have realised, 'cause while I've been quite sure they read my blog, there are some matters that seems to have just gone past them, or that they at least don't talk about, although they are fully aware of short periods when there's been more than one relationship in my life.

So maybe they know, maybe they're in denial and maybe they simply don't know at all.

The big question is, though, why I haven't talked clearly with my parents. What is it that holds me back? Well, partly, it might be that when I mentioned "open relationships" to my mom a number of years ago, she replied with "That's something I just don't understand" and started looking at whatever it was she had in her lap (a book? I don't recall).

It's clearly time I take up the matter again (and not just talk about taking it up ;-)).

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