The lady of the island, of whom I think I've never spoken here before, said at the end of our relationship "... when you've forgotten me".

But I don't. Lady, I may not have been in touch with you, or you with me for about a year now, but it doesn't mean I forget.

I don't forget important people in my past, and every person I've had a relationship with is important in my life, has left traces, has had an impact, has helped form the person I am today.

I may forget details, I may forget moments that were important to you, but it doesn't mean I forget you or the overall sense of you that remains with me. It doesn't mean that I don't think of you, at least occasionally, and sometimes get an insight about you that I didn't get back then, or suddenly understand an aspect of you that I couldn't back then.

In my heart, every person I've been with is cherished, one way or another; remembered.

This is the way it should be, and I hope it remains that way... perhaps until death do us part.

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