Charlie is moving in to our (I've stopped considering it just mine) apartment, one lovely step after another, and our relationship is deepening with that.
Karin's and my relationship is getting more regular and slowly deepening.

Thinking about this, having talked about it with Charlie a little while ago and talking a little about it with a dear friend just a few moments ago, I'm realising that I currently have my fill when it comes to deeper relationships. My focus for the moment is to let what already is settle, become more integrated in my life, more stable.

There are a few other people whose kisses I may occasionally enjoy, but that's a different matter. I call them friends. With benefits. And that's nice and I'd like to keep them as such, but they are not the kind of deep, regular, relationship that I'm talking about here.
(and then there's smilla, with whom I share a very special and deep connection of the souls, but that's a different matter as well)

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