The wiretapping law has gone through, it is now a reality.

I'm very disappointed.

I'm disappointed because of the whole circus around it. It's obvious that some wanted this to go through no matter what. In spite of massive protests from all sides of the political spectrum (I can't recall when I last saw people from the left, right and center unite as I have seen a couple of days ago). The law was rushed through.

I'm disappointed with the politicians who were clearly against but let the party line decide. I feel betrayed, even though I haven't voted for them.
Only one stands out, (Camilla Lindberg (fp))[]. That's one who seems to have a spine. No matter what I might think of her opinions otherwise, she's a hero today and has my respect.

I just read a (blog entry)[] that reminds me not to kick on people that couldn't stand against the pressure, and that the real problem is with the establishment that will try to force people to go against their own opinion. Xe's right, and it's true, I've an issue with that. It's disrespectful.

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