What's up with women and hair? Or should I ask "what's up with men and hair on women?"?

I just read a thread in a forum I take part in, where a few women talked about waxing their legs, how they kept bruising themselves, recepies for alternate things to use instead of wax and stuff like that...

The consistent thing I keep hearing is "it hurts like hell, but I have to do it". Not exactly with those words, but the content seems to be the same all the time. It's like some compulsive thing. I'd like to say that if it hurts like that, don't do it!

It's not at all hard to imagine that there's male pressure behind this hair thing, and I guess it goes with the whole female beauty broohaha that's been going on for a while in all kinds of magazines and other places.

I think I will simply never understand the need for hair removal, make-up and the rest of the stuff that's designed to hide who you are. I appreciate much more the person that doesn't hide herself, that dares show her real self. That's where real human (and female) beauty is to me, not in the masks that are put on top of it.

The same goes for the feel. I've always felt a little uncomfortable touching a face that's covered with make-up, there's this eery feeling of the unreal and the possibility of smearing. Real skin, unmasked, now there's a nice touch!

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