There are a few people that are regularly mentioned in this blog. Here are very short blurbs on a few of them. Really just a very short sentence of what these people are for me, currently (as well as I update this file). For anything further about them, read the blog (which is really about me in relation to them, not so much about them) or you'll have to find out on your own.

Someone not mentioned here

Some times, I'm behind on noting down all the people, or may not do so on purpose for various reasons. Sorry.

Here's the current few

(in no particular order)


Eva was a significant other. I hold her dear still today, but we have lost touch for reasons that I can't quite understand, given the kind of person I perceived her as.


Description coming later, it's Yule, I've other things to do ;-)

(really, I can't believe that of all people that are mentioned here, I forgot myself :-))


My brother


Jacob is Lisa's and my lovely son, born in June 2001.

I started a blog for him long ago, but it's unfortunately not very well updated at all.


Lisa was my wife and is Jacob's mother.

Camilla (or elmindreda)

A very good and dear friend, and a fellow blogger. I also call her a muse, because she has inspired me quite a lot in my thoughts about diversity.


Ex partner.

Sweet, lovely, loving and understanding, someone I hope to have in my life for quite a while. Doesn't always say much, yet gets a lot said.


My father


Ulrika is... a soulmate, but not the kind you normally think of when hearing that word... She's a friend, a very good, very close and very important friend, one that I believe will stay in my life for a very long time, and one who has been my friend for times and lives I can't even remember. Yeah, one of those.

In this life, we've been each others therapists, friends, soulmates, shoulder to cry on, deeply connected since somewhere in the summer of 2008. I wouldn't trade that or the closeness it has created for anything.

Somewhere, she describes me like this:
He reminds me of who I am, and who I want to be. Helps me to find the way out and the way back again.
The feeling is mutual.


Has grown into a dear friend in a short time. Great great hugger. Also a fellow blogger.


Was my love and life partner, and we lived together for almost two years. At the moment of editing this, she's moving out, our relationship ended.


Former love/lover, never got clearly defined.


Ex partner.

Among those, I've come to realise, that are truly important in my life.

Some that I won't mention

There are a few people whom I've understood prefer anonymity. If I got it wrong, please correct me, but otherwise, I will respect that. They are not forgotten, though (you might notice that you creep into my blog anyway if you've made som impact on my life).

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