A few days ago, as part of one of our conversations about... life, Ulrika asked me if I needed to feel needed...

My quick answer was "no", and still, the questions hung on to me, like one of those that you live for a bit.

A couple of days later, someone else sent me a hug by mail for moral support I had given... but with words that I took negatively at the time, it was about being there when needed and not taking too much space... and I felt quite small that day, so you can imagine how "not taking too much space" could reinforce the smallness.

It looks like two different stories, but they are connected...

being needed

Not my cup of tea, or at least as a basis for a relationship and for life.

I don't need to feel needed
I want to feel wanted

For who I am, for what I am, not primarly because I fill a need.

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