It's been a wonderful two weeks with Jacob, one where I got surprisingly much alone time with him, something I appreciate a lot!
The first week, he was on vacation, so we were free to do whatever we wanted. Science Museum, Children's museum and going for a movie ("Monsters vs Aliens") were the things we went to, other than that, we were mostly at the playgrounds or simply at home being a bit lazy but bonding all the same...
The second week was a school week, so there wasn't much time for special things, but I got to simply father him during those kinds of days as well.

The days were a bit muddied by Lisa and I having a hard time with each other (she doesn't have an easy time right now, so I can understand where some of it comes from), and me getting some rathar dark thoughts... All this because we have a continuous conflict around Jacob's summer visits to Sweden.

The trip home became another soap opera, with the hydraulics of the plane breaking down at Logan Airport... spare parts were apparently hard to be found, but about 3 hours after we were supposed to take off, the problem was repaired and verified for security, and we could board the plane for Paris. Unfortunately, it means that I'm missing my next flight to Stockholm, and I've no idea when I'll actually get home. We'll see. (had we been on announced schedule, I would have landed in France about 15 minutes ago)

(to be continued...)

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