Oh my, it's been that long sinc I wrote anything...

A quick update then, of the main subject I've been blogging about since the beginning of last year

Back when Ulrika was over visiting me in the beginning of July, I got to realise that a lot of what did at the time was to make space for Her, while stumbling around and trying to figure out a life without Her (not giving up, giving up after all, and more...).

I ended up being at a crossroad, and realised I did need some answers to see where I should go.

There was some talking (in august/september I think?), and some sharing of emotions. Things got spelled out, things got mentioned. Was there a click of some kind? There seemed to be a click, or at least, it seemed like my feelings were welcome, although cautiously so. It looked like there was a possibility, even though not for the immediate future.

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