[I'm still in Brookline,MA (EST), but my server is in Sweden (GMT+1), so whatever time you see, you have to understand it is either in the Swedish or GMT timezone. Subtract an appropriate amount of hours to get my local time]

Wow! I mean, WOW! There was a thunderstorm in Brookline last night. Right on top of us. So beautiful! I'm just sorry I missed when the lightning hit the chimney of the house next door. No worries, noone's hurt, and the lightning went right down to earth without passing Go. And it had hit a transformer somewhere a while before that, because we the power went not very long after the storm came over us.

OK, you might think I'm weird, but I'm in awe when I see and feel this kind of powerful manifestation of nature. And I felt perfectly safe, and wasn't worried for my son either. Especially with the power out, it didn't seem likely any lightning would hit us directly, and I turned off my laptop quite early, just to be extra safe.

It was really funny to hear how all the car alarms went off every time the lightning struck somewhere in the neighbourhood. I bet the construction site not far away from us got a few hits, since it's just a steel skeleton, and is currently about the higest structure in the immediate vicinity.

Anyway, this seems to have hit more or less all local Internet providers, and they are all working on getting things back up. There's still a power outage in may parts of the city, among others Lisa's house, so I'm sitting at the local public library (very nice library). Theie internet connection is down of course, just like everywhere else, but at least they have power, so I can load up my laptop battery when I need to.

Time to get back to hacking (oh, don't give me that, you know what I mean)...

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