It's happened twice in a short while, first in the middle of February, and again last weekend. A break-in, an obvious yet fruitless attempt to start the car, and an obvious attempt to find something valuable. In the middle of February, they got away with my car stereo, this time with nothing as I hadn't replaced the stereo yet. On the other hand, they bent the passenger door, thereby making the car impossible to use.

Part of this actually makes me laugh. My car is one of those modern enough that it's impossible to get it started without the right key, so it's obvious those trying are amateurs.

Strangely, though, I find myself being grateful to the wannabe thieves. You see, there's been this small problem with the steering, nothing I can't cope with, but still something I meant to have checked but hadn't yet, being a bit of a procrastinator. So them bending a door out of shape became the perfect shove to have me get the car to the repairman.

Funny, how time and events shape themselve around you, isn't it?

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