It's funny how, when realising you have a mutual crush and trying to use your brain and go "we'll take it slow"... and utterly fail.

Well, ok, "utterly fail" depends on your perspective, but by the end of june, there was the casual use of "partner" as reference, and by the end of July, her other guy carried the sign "my girlfriend's boyfriend isn't just me" at Stockholm Pride. So while we haven't had the relationship talk, there's been words here and there, things have been said that yeah, this is what we wish for, and we wish to have this for quite a while, and the attachment is quite obvious... and yeah.

And I'm remembering late january, when I was thinking (and was quite decided, really!) that something committed, naaaah, not for me, not in quite a while, I couldn't see that happen this year. At this point, this makes me laugh a bit. What else is there to do?

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