I haven't dared talk so much about my chase for an apartment for a long time, simply because it moved quite a lot. However, there was one apartment (see the picture to the right) that looks like something I'd want. It's a 2 stories, 2 bedroom apartment, big kitchen, sizeable living room and storage area accessible directly from the apartment and extending under the stairs (perfect place for servers!).

Alas, this seems to be another one of those perfect deals that slip away. I'm getting quite a bit tired and frustrated with all these 3-way trades that keep in failing because someone isn't quite into it. I'm veeeeery tired of this situation!

So, if there's anyone who has an apartment that they'd like to trade with me, in the Stockholm area (preferably the south side), and has a 2 bedroom, 75 m² or more apartment, please get in touch with me!

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