So, I'm in the trade for a new apartment. Yeah, I'm quite sick of my current 41 square meter flat, which is hardly enough to contain me, and then I'm going to have my son with me a little now and then, not to speak of having my bed in a corner of the living room!

So what I'm looking for is basically the following:

  • a bedroom. I want space for a double (queen size?) bed.
  • a room for my son. Enough for him to have a bed and whatever else he'd like to have there (toys, books, ...).
  • a living room that is just that (with one exception, see next item). Space for a soffa, low table, TV/Stereo/DVD stack, bookshelf with literature and comics.
  • a space for a dinner table for at least 4 people. If the living room is large enough, it could be a part of the living room. Otherwise, it'll have to be a space in connection to the kitchen (which is the usual in most Swedish apartments).
  • a space for my servers (I've two running, bur could easily extend the collection :-) ). Basically, any space large enough to fit them will do, like a medium storage space close to the apartment. A separate room would be as nice, and in that case, that's where I'd have my office. If there isn't a separate room available, I want a bedroom that's big enough to fit an office corner.

So basically, I'm looking for a 4 room plus kitchen or a 3 room plus kitchen with a large enough cloakroom or adjacent storage room.

Environment is important as well. I want it to be child friendly and with nature nearby to run around in or explore. I want it to be far away from major roads that I don't hear them too much. And I found that I prefer if I don't get the feeling of huge tall complexes place close together.

So I seem to demand a lot? Well, I'm a bit tired of moving around and not feeling quite settled, so I would prefer to find a place where I can see myself living for a while, or at least find something that would be a good exchange object in the future. And guess what? So far, it doesn't seem quite that difficult! I'm using Björns Bostadsbytare (I recommend it!), and I'm getting lots of hits. This is fantastic! I've looked at several apartments so far, and my favorites so far are this one and this one. I'm still looking around, there's more to check out.

My goal is to have moved before christmas, when my son is supposed to come visit me.

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