Stockholm/Euro Pride is nearing and I'm getting a bit excited, as this is the first time I'll attend (and help out as well). Got the ticket already!

Damn, there's a number of things to do and to handle, and it seems like I've a number of friends have decided to come for a visit to Stockholm at the same time. I really need to sort it all out so I don't get overwhelmed!

Let's see, I've a friend from Malmö that comes up to visit, I've tagged July 24th for him if he wants to hang out with me then. Åsa is coming up with a love from Malmö. smilla has just declared that she's coming as well. Oh, and I just got the news that another friend is visiting, from South Africa (he's lived in Sweden for a large number of years but moved back to SA not long ago).

I'll have my social life filled, let me tell ya! Anyway, I hope it'll be fun. I just hope I'll have some breathing space too ;-).

So, what do I plan to do, really? Uhmm, check out the cultural side in the beginning of pride, go to a number of seminars (mostly about polyamory, but I've seen a few more on political issues and one about the issues with being aspie and queer (!)), and mingle at Pride Park when I don't help out in the Poly tent or elsewhere.

But hey, it's still more than a week away, plans will firm up as time goes, and I do want to spend time with Charlie as well, never to be forgotten.

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