Yesterday and today, the main part of Europride is the gazillion seminars on all kinds of related matters, or shows, or... going on in Pride House. I've sign myself up for a number of those seminars, and basically have a pretty filled schedule from 12 to 18.

Yesterday, though, I ended up being busy talking with people, some that I know as well as new encounters, so I missed half the seminars I had signed myself up for. Yet, I can't say that I missed much.

So what's important, really? The seminars or the people I get to meet? I guess time will tell. Today will probably be a bit different, there are more seminars that I really don't want to miss.

Either way, I'm having a grand time.

My biggest wish now is that Charlie's start of a cold blows over quickly (maybe even today?) so she can join in as well.

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