Parade day!

I find it interesting to observe myself regarding this. A week ago, I was unsure if I was going to participate at all. In the middle of this week, I thought I would and stay fairly anonymous somewhere in the middle of the poly section... And what did I end up doing, if not happily fronting the section with a few others?

Before the parade started moving and we were all assembled in Humlegården, it was pouring. Not just raining, but really pouring and we were wondering how this would happen. Charlie told us that this is just wrong, the Pride Parade always has a shining sun!

We were lucky, though, the rain stopped as we started walking and we got all the way to Hornsgatan before the rain started again, fortunately much more lightly this time.

I spent the rest of the evening in the park, partly in the poly tent and partly in the bi tent. Åsa and F showed up in the bi tent and spent a little bit of time with us.

The evening ended in the poly tent, cuddling and playing a game with those who were there, Charlie, Jenny, Fredrik, Sam, Kip, ... before Charlie and I went home.

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