Earlier today, Charlie read pieces from "Paths and Detours of Love" (swedish title is "Kärlekens vägar och villovägar"), written by Suzanne Brøgger.

More or less everything that I heard echoed thoughts I've had for quite a while. Thoughts on love, jealousy, limits and unlimited views and more.

Without having read the book in its entirity yet (just started myself), I still feel I can safely recommend this book to anyone who's wondered about this subject. I don't think you have to be poly to read it, just have an interest for thoughts on love and what it really is. Maybe you'll find yourself agreeing, maybe you will disagree violently, and still, you will learn something, be it what is in your heart or what can provoke a reaction in you.

I might quote some passages as I read this book. We'll see.

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