Never before have I felt more excited, more hopeful about the election of a president of the USA.
Never before have I cared (at all or so much).
Never before have I felt that there was one I could strongly support.
Never before have I wanted to be able to vote in that election as much as now!

I've followed the campain of this particular man, almost all the way since he started, through friends over in Boston who have spent almost all their free time to work as volunteers for that campain!

Last night, while watching the results slowly make their way to the news channels on Swedish TV, reporters were repeatedly talking about the way Barack Obama had done his campain, how it was different because it started as a grass roots movement. That's what I've been watching at a distance for almost two years, that's what I have seen as the most hopeful for the USA, that's the grounds for change.

When it was finally clear that this man was a winner, his opponent, John McCain, delivered a wonderful and respectful concession speech, I was moved. Charlie thought he looked releaved.

And then, Baracka Obama's victory speech! What a speech!

Yes they can, and there's hope for the world because of this!

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