I've recently been told that I'm leaving no possibility to comment. While that was true a while ago, I actually recently changed that. Just look below, at that link that looks like an e-mail address. Yeah, that's it, there! You are oh so welcome to use that to send me a comment!

There's an exception, though; if you read this through some aggregator, you won't see the comment link. Sorry.

Now, some may wonder, why don't I have that kind of fancy public comment system like everyone else (or at least like LiveJournal et al)? There are quite a few reasons for that

  1. I do not want to subject myself to the potential holes that may come with such a system.
  2. Some people might actually want to send me a comment in private.
  3. I do not want my blog to become a discussion forum. That has never been its' purpose and never will.

Now, use that link, comment away, tell me that I'm great or that I'm silly. Just because I make them private doesn't mean I do not want your comments sent to me!

And oh, it might be a good thing to tell me if you want your comment to remain private. I just might choose to pick a few, publish them and comment on them on rare occasion...

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