I found myself loathing this morning, and didn't like it.

It took me a bit of time to sort this through, with some help from Charlie.

What I actually loathe is a behavior; finding faults in others, more or less consciously. I'm furious because I've been subject to that behavior many years ago (and I suspect I still am), and I'm furious that it took me until now to fully realise it.

What about the dislike for the loathing? After all, it's an emotion based on a reality I've been through, and has every right to exist!

I figured that the dislike was that I transformed the loathing of this specific behavior to loathing of the person who has that behavior as a whole, as if that person was defined by that behavior and that behavior only, a view that is never true in my world. I dislike when others make that kind of transformation, and I dislike it when I do it.

Now I can peacefully and furiously loathe that behavior and be angry with that person for behaving that way.

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