My cat has always been an indoors cat. Taken outside, he would just go flat to the ground and then crawl to a covered place and stay there. My then wife and I tried to take him out a couple of times, but he seemed so pitifull that we didn't really make a point of it.

He would, however, go out into the stairways of the appartment building we lived in. And a little now and then, he did enjoy a stroll out on the balcony.

So a while ago, I decided that I would take him out, somewhere calm. I finally did so today, taking him into the woods of Kärsö. And he blossomed!

He started out as he used to, flat to the ground. Then I saw him bring his head up a little bit, start crawling to what looked like a safe spot, and then continued! He went exploring instead of hiding! I see that as great progress, especially on the first time.

A little later on, I decided to change the setting, and brought him over to a rocky spot, and the exploration went on. Up on one rock (incidently looking like the Lion King), down exploring the cavity of the next, nibbling on grass in passing. He seemed to have a great time!

I'm gonna do this again, next weekend, and the next, and...

Besides, it's the perfect excuse to get myself out to the open air :-)

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