I'm sitting on the bus from Skavsta Airport and am starting to get that feeling that I'm home again. Sweet feeling. Make no mistake, though, it was a absolute blast to see my son, how he has developped. To have hime for myself for more than a week was a absolute blessing! And still, home is home. I'm already looking forward to the time when I will welcome him here.

The impressions are many. For the first time, I felt capable in the states. And perhaps that's the other blessing of having been alone with my son. Previously, I've more or less been tagging along with my (then) wife, and unfortunately, I relied a lot on her being some kind of interface between me and her country. This time, though, I had to figure out or remember where to go shopping, had to figure out the best place to rent a car (I did get a few pointers from my ex on this one) had to figure out the roads to different things (and make those little mistakes like picking the wrong road and then spend twice the time to get where you want :-) ). It's been a learning experience that I welcome very much, because it really helped me feel more at home where I was.

Oh, while I'm at it, MapQuest and movies.com are absolutely marvelous tools! I got to use them a lot on this trip, and will use them again. Now, I just have to get myself a set of cheap flight ticket sites, and this new life of travelling will be complete (as far as I can tell right now, there will probably be other things to keep track of as I go along).

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