Last week, I spent all evenings and the whole darn weekend hacking (oh, and if you think I mean anything other than writing good software, you're a wanker... just so that's clear :-) ). Haven't had the opportunity or even the courage to simply take the time for so darn long (I think last time was last summer or something like that)! And it was really great to get back to that. I finally found the energy to make some decisions on how to do certain things; among others about one thing that had been spinning around in my head for almost a year!!! Good I got that one through, it takes quite a bit of energy having that jumping around in my head!

Yesterday, I found myself in a very good mood, and could relate that to the greatness of the weekend. I just have to do this more often. It's quite obvious that hacking (programming, you wankers! :-) ) is something I love, where I feel powerful and that gives me energy back.

I'm guessing that every few weekends or so should be enough to at least keep me afloat. Something regular, I think that's important. And I recall my SO saying that she needed some weekend of her own, so I could probably match that.

And maybe I should make sure I've one free working day per week.

More to ponder...

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