Imagine mixing songs from Senegal and Greece, with rock, swedish folk (polska, walz and more, among others similar to stuff The Heathens do), blues and more that I don't know the names for thrown in. Oh, and all performed by a few swedes (song, double-bass, keyboard, violin, mandola, an assortment of flutes and harmonica), a singer from Senegal, a singer from Greece, a Mexican drummer (percussion virtuozo, really). Imagine some of that mixed in the same song!

That's how I'd describe Ale Möller and his band.

I watched them this evening, at Nybrokajen 11. Gods, I had fun! All those mixes that I hadn't imagined being possible were just beautiful. Listening to a Senegalese song to blues rythms was just great, and so right, considering the roots of blues! Listening to Greek and Senegalese songs sung simultaneously was heavenly (yes, it works!).

Watching the band was wonderful as well. It's obvious they love what they do and have lots of fun on stage. Full of energy, they had a hard time stopping (they said it themselves, they could probably have gone on for an extra couple of hours, just for the fun of it)!

What an evening. I feel blessed!

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