It's confusing when I catch emotions from someone that is close and don't even notice it, not being able to separate them from my own.

It's also confusing when someone is getting closer while I'm deeply affected by a relationship with someone else tranformed.

What emotions belong where? Who am I with one? Who am I with the other? Who am I with everyone else? Are emotions I'm having now also emotions I'm going to have tomorrow? Are they really what they are with that specific person or are they really for someone else? Are they genuine or just something that is there because of what and who I'm missing?

I know for sure about emotions that have built up over long time, they are there, strong, immense even, and really there... it's all that's new, that hasn't really found a grounding yet, that's a confusing mess.

I need to sort all this out. In the mean time, I'm being cautious, not letting myself just go entirely, not wanting to say something that's not really true if I can help it... I've expressed an interest, but cautiously, with care, so it's clear where I am, as far as I can tell.

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