What a joy it can be to see your son again, even if it's just for two weeks!

I'm currently returning from yet another visit in Boston to see my son. It was great to see him, as usual, and I just marvel at what looks to me like leaps of development (of course, I understand that it's only an illusion and that that his development really is smoother than it seem to me).

I got to meet his new teachers, as he has moved on to Pre-K, and the first teacher of the class almost double over herself over how marvelous Jacob seems to integrate and interact with the rest of the class, how positive he seems to be, always comfortable in his skin (those were her words!).

What I did with him? In practice, no so much in particular, I picked him up at school in the afternoons, played with him a lot, cooked food for him, took him out to playgrounds and to places he could bike. Basically being a parent, and we had a lovely time!

I'm discovering that for each visit, my love for this little fellow seems to deepen more. It may also be that I become more aware of my love for him as I go. I honestly don't know, but it's really not that important which it is.

I took him out once, going to the Full Moon restaurant, and it was really for selfish reasons, I wanted to meet a new friend who lives north of Boston, but it was great anyway, she's already met Jacob, seems to love him to bits, and the restaurant has a play area for kids, so Jacob could have a fun time either way.

Photos will come up as soon as I have my new album structure set up, and I hope I'll remember to update this entry with a link.

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