Making a surprise by spontaneously deciding to come watch a performance a partner is in sometimes takes a few people to get done. It gets interesting when it, in turn, involves one of the partner's exes, the other partner, one of the other partner's exes, and two friends that ex has in common with the partner I want to surprise.

The amount of love involved in making this happen overwhelmed me for a moment.

I suppose the above will generate more question marks than not...

Karin is part of a dance performance this evening, and I spontaneously thought that I want to go see, support, ...
Trying to find information about this performance was a bit hard, all I could find was that it was happening today(!).

I spoke to Charlie about it, and she suggested that I might want to call KE (one of Karin's exes) and see if she thought it would be a good idea (she knows Karin quite a bit more than I, after all), and if she had more information... She didn't have more information, but had a few ideas on how to get it, and was otherwise encouraging the idea.

A little later, Charlie had the idea that one of her exes, KJ, is friends with the boyfriend (P) of another of the dancer (BB) in that performance, and thought I should call him. So I called KJ, and he took it upon himself to call P and get back to me.
Somewhere here, I started to cry, for I was a bit overwhelmed and moved by everything that was getting done around me, just to help me with this surprise.
A little later, KJ came back with information directly from BB.

I now know when the performance starts and when I can get there and purchase my ticket.

This is a moment and an emotion for me to remember when I talk about poly things with people around me.

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