... a little more than a month ago. He passed away quickly, it seems, from a heart attack, only 42 years old.

I remember him as kind, warm and true to his word... and ever present, at least at Stacken which was our common base. mho was how we usually reffered to him.

I was at the funeral last thursday, together we 20ish other Stacken members, as well as the following memorial. Many memories were shared, and there was some beautiful songs sung, lead by mho's father (who looks so very much like his son!). Emotions were high at times.

At the end of the memorial, we all got to choose one item from a collection of things (books and music) that mho cherished. It felt a bit unusual, but nice... it's like those objects reinforced the memories. I picket a book by Heinlein...

A number of us went on in the evening, for dinner and beer. We raised one for mho.

Rest well wherever you are, my friend. You will be remembered.

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