Today, while thinking about writing a book, I just realised how much I value the artistic/creative part of me, and how little value working for a corporation and with stuff they've decided for me actually has. I value very highly the work I do with OpenSSL, BAMSE, CTWM and whatever else I choose to involve myself with.

Sure, I valued very highly the work with SSR/eAccess Server/whatever-name-it-had-this-week when I worked at Celo/Gemplus, but that's stuff I'm not allowed to touch since I don't work there any more. It's basically a large part of my life that's definitely sold and that II honestly miss. I guess the level of involvement I give makes it hard to part when the time comes, and I dread that every time I'm employed to work on proprietary stuff.

If course, there's the possibility to distance myself from the projects I work on. The trouble is that I usually get enormously bored after roughly half a year, and I start looking for ways to get out (or at least, that's been the pattern I've followed so far).

I guess the solution is to get some kind of funding for the stuff I do. I'm working on that...

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