OK, so I haven't written much here in a while. It so happens that this site was down for a while, because the shity disk that came with it started to have some weird trouble that generated a huge number of interrupt faults. Ah well, a new disk later (when I could afford it), and a few attempts at backing up the old disk (it was accessible, just slow as a dog and with some randomly placed faults, so I basically had to keep a close look att the logs and do a second backup of the stuff that went bad on the first run), and I'm finally up again. Been so for about two weeks, really.

Anyhow, some of you may know it already: I've become the new maintainer of CTWM! Great fun, and 3.7 alpha3 is currently out there (please try it if you can).

Today, I'm going to hack at BAMSE...

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