One year ago, one of my disks (my user disk, no less!) crashed. It crashed so hard it was impossible to save anything (trust me, I went to professionals Ibas, and they basically found a large amount of magnetic dust. Not good!

Unfortunately, my web log indexer went along with that disk, and having a new son ([[!Jacob ]]) grabbed my attention, so making a new web log indexer was out of the question.

So, next thing was to find some weblog software that could do the stuff I wanted, and that I could somehow port to VMS. Basically, something in Perl that could produce pages that looked close enough to my original diary. You can see for yourself what I finally found :-).

Now, with my attention grabbed by my marvelous son, a VMS port never happened, even though it probably would have been really easy. However, a couple of weeks ago I found a really cheap PC (see image below) on which I installed Debian GNU/Linux. It's mainly meant as a CVS server and a backup name server, but I thought it could be a good idea to have it serve journals as well, so here goes.

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