The past two years... I'm thinking back and seeing that there are things that have changed quite a lot.

A lot of the changes were about polyamory.

Two years ago, although having done a lot of thinking for years, I was still new at it in practice. Now, two years later, I find that quite a lot of my thoughts matched reality as it presented itself to me... and some did not, mostly because I had only read about certain perspectives and hadn't been able to see all the alternatives...

The first year was much about first steps, starting from a point that I knew, that I had thought about, that I had read about... a poly relationship with a primary. The first year was also about opening myself further, to workmates, to family (most of my closer friends already knew)... and to the world.

The second year (2009) was a lot about reformation... A crisis during New Years Eve 2008/2009 led to my tossing of primary/secondary as a concept and rethinking relationship forms and the relative autonomy of each relationship. I also started rethinking relationship anarchy and having a deeper understanding of what that means to me (I may write further about that pretty soon).
The second year has also been a lot about grounding myself further, finding some values that hold strongly in me... Like wanting to remain as open as possible about who I am, on this blog, with friends, workmates, business partners, whoever, unafraid. Like wanting each relationship to show itself with time, no trying to rush it (and this is a lot about trust).
Also, slowly, I'm figuring out what kinds of persons I'm drawn to and why... and what I end up wanting with each of them.

Last year, I also found my way back to dancing... It really started in 2008, but that felt like small uncertain baby steps, not like throwing myself in a bit further, as I did in 2009... I started off swedish folk dancing and starting learning tango last autumn.

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